Welcome to Strong Arm.


In the rolling hills outside of Oxford, North Carolina, you'll find Strong Arm Baking. We, founders Julia and Thomas Blaine, have travelled far and wide, meeting people and learning about the food that makes everyone unique.  We care deeply about what we do, and humbly offer it to you–not just as customers, but as part of our colorful and vibrant community.


Our sources

We've got neighbors–good ones! They have gardens, rows, pastures, chicken coops and crazy skills. It only makes sense that if you want a decent baked good, you ought to shop close to home. They're not selling "local," they just are. Check out some of Strong Arm's fresh-food friends below. 

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Pastries. Pies. Cakes. Bread. Cookies. Fixed-menu dinner parties? Yep. The best croissants in The South? It's been said. Whether you want an amazing box of cookies or you enjoy torturing yourself with photos of baked goods, come on in and have a look. 

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Where to find us

It's not a secret, but it's not a supermarket. Strong Arm's up and at 'em on the weekends, out-and-about during the week. Whether you're a market shopper or a coffee-shopper, visit the link below to learn where you can score yourself some Strong Arm.  

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always fresh

From pastries to pies, breads to buns, cookies to croissants – come have a look at a sampling of our delicious indulgibles.


"The best croissants in The South."

— Cocoa Cinnamon, Durham


seasonally right

Berries don't last forever, but Strong Arm's bottomless recipe box does! Celebrate the changing of the seasons by hearing about what's new in the bakery.